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A chandelier

This is in Athanasios’s home in Athens. He brought it in the 1980s from his family’s flat in , a well-known inn in , Istanbul. The chandelier was a wedding gift to his grandfather from one of his closest friends, a chef at the famous Tokatlıyan Hotel. Athanasios’s grandfather married in 1914 in Kadıköy in Istanbul. He worked as an electrician who did the electrics of the Africa Han where he later lived.

A man called Ragıp Pasha built and owned the Han. According to Athanasios, he rented out the inn to non-Muslims. Athanasios said this chandelier is important to him because it reminds him of Istanbul. It now hangs from the ceiling of his bedroom in Athens, but in the old days, it was in the living room. He remembers doing his homework underneath it. He was attending Zapyon Greek School at the time. He said there was another living room, but it was closed to him since it was only opened for guests, so he spent a lot of time under the chandelier. When he hung it in his new home in Athens, he had to shorten the long chain quite a lot as it was designed for the high ceilings of flats in Beyoğlu. 

Athanasios’s grandfather’s business card
Athanasios’ grandparents’ wedding invitation
Marriage certificate of Athanasios’ grandparents from the church
Athanasios’s ID card when he was a primary student at Zapyon Greek School 
Athanasios with his classmates at Zapyon Greek School