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AEK Athens Football club

Theodoros is in his 70s. He left Istanbul in 1964 and lives in Athens now. He likes football. His passion for football and his interest in other sports started in Beyoğlu Spor (Pera) Club in Istanbul in the 1950s.

Theodoros started to play football at Beyoğlu Spor when he was a child. He was also in the athletics team. They used to train in in Taksim and he enjoyed it very much. His mother thought he was getting too tired, so she did not allow him to continue to practice any sports. However, this did not stop his passion for sport, particularly football. He often went to Beyoğlu Sport football team and Fenerbahçe matches. 

After leaving Istanbul, Theodoros’s passion for football continued in Athens. He was already a supporter of the AEK Athens while in Istanbul, but he became a bigger fan of the team in his new home city. He said to me that he cries when he sees ‘his team’ on the pitch or on TV. AEK was established in 1924 by a group of refugees from Istanbul and Asia Minor. Some of them were former athletes in Beyoğlu Spor and other clubs in Istanbul, such as Kurtuluş (Tatavla). The team chose the colour of Beyoğlu Spor: yellow and black. They took the symbol of Byzantium: an eagle with two heads. They are also building a stadium at the moment, which will be called ‘’, inspired by the Walls of Constantinople. Theodoros showed me his bracelet and necklace with the two-headed eagle AEK symbol. He told me ‘this is my life; it reminds me of Istanbul…’  

This is one of the trophy cabinets