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Dimitris and Istanbul

Dimitris lives in Athens. His parents left Istanbul in when the Turkish state exiled people with Greek citizenship. They died in the 2000s, but they had always wanted to be buried in Balıklı  where their families are buried. In 2020, some years after their deaths, it was possible for Dimitris to take their remains to be reburied at Balıklı to honour their wish. In late 2019 he travelled with his daughter Elena to Istanbul to begin arrangements for this and to visit the cemetery. In 2020 he returned the bones and there was a ceremony. Come back again to read more about this story and watch the film that we are making about it.

She said ‘Look, my son: if I die you will take me back to Balıklı. I talked to your father about this.’

Burying the Bones – a film by Gönül Bozoğlu and Cem Hakverdı – trailer available here
Balıklı Cemetery