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My house in Firuzağa, Beyoğlu

Theodoros is in his 70s. He left Istanbul in and lives in now. The family was affected by the political tensions between Turkey and Greece relating to the conflict over . He was very upset about this because for him Cyprus meant little to his family. ‘My parents only had primary school education and they did not even know where Cyprus was. We have never been there, and I will never go until I die because back then it affected my future!’ His parents moved to Athens two years after Theodorus went there. Before this, they lived in the  district in Beyoğlu. His father sold their flat in Istanbul and could only effort a small one in Athens. Theodoros missed Istanbul and the nice big bedroom that shared with his brother. 

Theodoros and his friends, who are also from Beyoğlu and live in Athens, always stay in the same hotel, which is located at the beginning of Street in Beyoğlu. They visit the graveyards of their families first and then they visit their old school. This is always followed by a visit to the , or the , and some shopping. He buys Turkish tea glasses and küp şeker (sugar cubes) that he cannot find in Athens. The hotel is very close to everywhere that ‘he wants to go to’. Most importantly, it is near to his old flat in Firuzağa. He said he walks there by himself from the hotel, looks at his old flat, and touches the main door of the apartment building; then he says goodbye. This often makes him cry.

The location of Theodoros’s hotel in Taksim, Istanbul