Stelyos is from Istanbul. After many years as a member of the Ecumenical Patriarchate choir, he moved to the island of Gökçeada (Imroz) in 2020. He teaches music in a Greek high School and trains the Greek children of the island to sing traditional Orthodox church music.  Together with his wife Pelin Suer, Stelyos established […]

Dimitris lives in Athens. His parents left Istanbul in 1964 when Turkish state exiled people with Greek citizenship. In the video, Dimitris talks about his journey from the harbour in Karaköy to Athens by himself as he had to follow his parents. It was the first time he left Istanbul. He tells the story of […]

Theodoros is in his 70s. He left Istanbul in 1964 and lives in Athens now. The family was affected by the political tensions between Turkey and Greece relating to the conflict over Cyprus. He was very upset about this because for him Cyprus meant little to his family. ‘My parents only had primary school education and they […]

The Ecumenical Federation of Constantinopolitans in Athens is a key site for many of the Greeks who left Istanbul in the second half of the twentieth century. Some of the members called it their ‘home’. It is a federation because there are smaller groups dedicated to individual neighborhoods of Istanbul. Part-way between a museum, a community centre, an […]

In the Conquest of Constantinople (now known as Istanbul) of 1453, one of the most famous stories is how the Ottomans breached the Byzantine sea defense. To stop a naval attack, the Byzantines installed an immense chain in the water, from one side of the Golden Horn to another. A section of the chain is […]