Mihalis’s grandfather was a horse-and-carriage driver in Büyükada in the early 20th century. Atatürk and his aide, Kılıç Ali, visited the Island in 1927. They both spoke Greek. According to Michalis’s grandfather, Kilic Ali’s Greek was especially good. Twenty carriages were needed for this official visit. The man in charge of the carriages didn’t expect that the drivers would be given any […]

Mihalis is from Büyükada. They left Istanbul in 1969 when he was 13. His first visit to Istanbul was about twenty years later, but his memories were still vivid. He remembered the way to his old house and other places where he used to go: his cousin’s home, his school, Panayia Church, Agia Georgios Church… He also went down to the seaside where there used be […]