Theodoros is in his 70s. He left Istanbul in 1964 and lives in Athens now. The family was affected by the political tensions between Turkey and Greece relating to the conflict over Cyprus. He was very upset about this because for him Cyprus meant little to his family. ‘My parents only had primary school education and they […]

Athanasios left Istanbul in 1975 in his teens because tensions over Cyprus between Greece and Turkey made his life very difficult. He is from Beyoğlu area of Istanbul, but very often they visited his maternal grandmother’s house in Göztepe. A trainline went by the house, but the nearest stop was about one kilometre away. His father, who also liked visiting […]

Maria is in her 80s. She is a retired teacher from a Greek school in Istanbul who emigrated to Athens after she retired in 1990s. Many members of her family were already in Athens. She went to university in Greece and finished in 1957. Maria pointed out that in those years there were political tensions […]